Welcome to MEMdoc

Welcome to MEMdoc, the first international clinical documentation technology platform that is endorsed by major orthopaedic suppliers and professional societies, such as the Swiss Orthopaedic Society (SGO) and the Spine Society of Europe (SSE).
At the core, MEMdoc is an integrated technology solution that is gradually being recognized as a true innovation in medical informatics for its numerous simplified, and generic features and interfaces for centralized data management. Constructed within an interlaced framework of multiple technologies, MEMdoc succeeded in integrating online as well as offline tools for the peripheral acquisition and distribution of data.
The uniqueness, and hence power, of MEMdoc lies in the fact that regardless of what means is employed to register or extract data, there is a continuous communication channel to the centralized database for the validation, linking, submission, and distribution of data from or to the periphery.